How do I do follow-ups?


Introduce yourself and schedule a meeting time and location with your contacts via text, email, or phone call.
  • Tell them your full name, class year, and outfit 
  • Mention how you got their number 
  • Ask them if they would be willing to get together on the Quad
  • If yes, throw out a few times that works for you and see what time works for them.
  • Make sure they know where exactly to meet 
  • Send a reminder text a couple hours before the meeting
Sample Message
Hey <Name>, this is <Your Name>. I am in <Outfit>  Class of 202- and I am leader in Valor. I got your number from <Referrer> who you met at Impact. I would love to get together with you and a few others from Impact and get to know you and share some follow-up materials from the Bible. We can meet on the Quad! Do you have about 30-60 minutes free some time this week or next to meet?


Do following in the meeting but feel free to adjust according to your style:
  • Build Rapport: Ask people questions about themselves and their well being. For example:
    • How has your experience in the Corps been so far?
    • How are classes going?
    • Does anyone have any funny stories from FOW?
  • Open In Prayer: It is usually good for you to open in prayer and set the example.
  • Introductions: If it is the first meeting, have everyone introduce themselves: name, hometown, major, outfit, and maybe something fun (e.g. favorite sport)
  • Lesson: Introduce the lesson and ask everyone to bring up the link on their phone.
  • Close In Prayer: Ask for volunteers to close the group in prayer.
  • Schedule Next Meeting: Ask everyone if they can meet at the same time and location next week.