The Essentials

Knowing God Personally I: Our Relationship—How can I know God personally?

Knowing God Personally II: Our Promises—What happens when you put your trust In Jesus?

Knowing God Personally III: Our Life—How do I grow as a follower of Jesus? 

Relationship Not Religion—What does it mean to have a personal relationship with Jesus?

Assurance of Salvation—How can I know 100% that I am going to Heaven?

Eternal Security—How can I know that I can never lose my salvation?

Church—What do I look for when deciding which local church to attend?

Identity I: Our New Life—What is our new life in Christ?

Identity II: Our New Promises—What are our new promises in Christ?

Identity III: Our New Purpose—What is our new purpose in Christ?

Identity IV: Our New Goal—What is our new goal in Christ?

Christian Life I: Struggling Well—What are the struggles to overcome in the Christian life?

Christian Life II: Growing in Faithfulness—What are the major areas to grow in the Christian life?

Christian Life III: The Power Play—How do I supercharge my growth as a Christian?

Eternal Rewards—What are eternal rewards?